UTV Classes

  • ’Recreational/Dune UTV First Time Racer (any factory built UTV) Limited to 200 entries

  • Sportsman 900 (600-900cc)

  • Sportsman 1000

  • Sportsman 1000 Turbo

  • Sportsman Women

  • Pro Production 900 (600 to 900cc)

  • Pro Production 1000

  • Pro Production Single Seat (RS1)

  • Pro Production 1000 Turbo

  • Pro Modified 1000

  • Pro Modified 1000 Turbo

  • Pro Unlimited

  • Experimental / Electric / Hybrid

  • Gravity feed fueling only, no pressurized systems Every Car MUST HAVE A Fireman at guard with fire extinguisher before fueling can begin. Cars Must Be grounded before fueling.

  • 25 MPH Zones into checkpoint, Stop/Go Paddle Person, Stop to be scored, 25 MPH Leaving Check Point until Go Sign. Don't abuse the course workers! They are keeping your score! 25 MPH Zones into Finish Line Full Stop


Is parking complimentary?

YES but you must register your number plate at hotel reception. Parking is available behind the hotel, accessed from Shady Lane. PLEASE NOTE there are 2 Holiday Inns in Watford - it is being held at the Holiday Inn - WATFORD JUNCTION (NOT the Holiday Inn Express - Watford)

Is there complimentary wifi at the hotel?

Yes, there is an open network that can be used for 3 hours.

What is the Dress Code?

Smart Casual.

Will there be food and drink?

Complimentary Tea / Coffee / Water / Muffins will be provided, Complimentary 'after the event' Food Platters. The hotel has a Bar, Starbucks Coffee station and food available to purchase till 11pm.

What is the refund & transfer policy?

There are no refunds but tickets are transferrable for the same event (not however between events on different dates) and is subject to email notification sent to specifiying the new person's details attending instead.


  • Helmets: Helmets must be of the type approved by the Snell Memorial Foundation with a Snell or DOT sticker attached.

  • Fire Suit: One-piece fire suits are mandatory. Fire suits must meet the requirements of SFI 3.2A/1 or better along with gloves and racing shoes or boots. No motorcycle riding gear allowed.

  • Fire Extinguisher: Portable 2.5-pound fire extinguisher readily accessible to the driver. ABC type or equivalent fire extinguisher. A second 2.5 pound fire extinguisher must be mounted at the rear of the vehicle.

  • Safety Harness: All classes require a 5 point harness.

  • Safety Nets: Approved safety nets are mandatory on all vehicles.

  • ADA - KoK welcomes all ADA drivers. As this us a remote desert event each ADA driver must have a non ADA co-driver. ADA codrivers are allowed in all classes.

  • HANS type devices are recommended, or a minimum of neck roll is required.

  • Roll Cage: A well designed and built after market roll cage made for racing is required for all Pro classes. Cage must attach in a minimum of 6 points. Sportsman - Factory cages are not recommended. Factory cages will be allowed if modified or reinforced and tied into the frame at at least 6 points. Gusseting of the factory cage is highly encouraged.

  • Roofs - all Pro vehicles must have an approved metal roof. Sportsman may run an approved stock roof.

  • Doors: Lockable side protection doors must be mounted in a way to not be able to pop open during racing. Factory doors with a secondary locking mechanism are approved.

  • Ignition: Ignition switch and all electric fuel pumps must be labeled and easily accessible from inside and outside the vehicle.

  • NO nitrous or other pressurization / injection type system allowed.

  • Fuel system - Stock fuel system OK, No aftermarket auxiliary fuel tanks allowed, Aftermarket replacement fuel tanks in stock location allowed with 12 gallon max capacity and Fuel cells with bladders allowed but no more than 12 gallons, are allowed for the sportsman class. Approved fuel cells with bladders with, no capacity limit, are allowed for the Pro classes.

  • Battery - all batteries must be securely mounted and the positive terminal taped.

  • Mirrors - all vehicles are required to have at least 1 rear view mirror.

  • Skip Plates - any skid plate is allowed and highly recommended. All skid plates but be securely attached.

  • Wheels - each wheel on the vehicle including all spares must have the vehicle number on the wheel.

  • Tires - any tire allowed up to 35” in diameter. Single tire per corner.

  • Horns - all vehicles required to have an audible signaling device. A very loud portable air horn may be allowed.

  • Rear Warning Lights - a flashing green or blue light and a steady amber are required on all vehicles. No exceptions. If a light fails you will not be allowed to continue racing. Additional detail will be announced.

  • Spark Arrestors - all vehicles are required to have a USFS approved spark arrestor.

  • Number Plates: Vehicles must display correct vehicle number in the correct size and color. All vehicles in competition must display the official King of the Kastle deal on both sides of the SxS. All vehicles must have the identification in the following sizes and locations: Minimum 8" tall with 1" wide stroke on each side 'fin' of the SxS. Minimum 6" tall with 1" stroke on the rear of the vehicle and must be clearly visible. Minimum 4" tall located on the front of the SxS above drivers front window. Extra-large roof top panel numbers are beneficial. Side Door Numbers are NOT allowed. The vehicle MUST have side "fin" or "plate" numbers. (Behind the roll cage just above the rear fenders on both sides). Number plates must be made of aluminum or plastic material - no cardboard. All backgrounds must be solid color, Black or white, outlines or fading. No other colors besides specified may be used on number plates. NOTE: Racing with incorrect background color or incorrect numbers can result in a penalty. KoK assumes no responsibility for scoring vehicles with unrecognizable numbers. It is the racer's responsibility to have proper colored backgrounds and numbers and for keeping numbers recognizable. 

  • OR OHV sticker - all vehicles are required to display a current OR OHV sticker.

  • First Aid: Weatherproof first aid kit must be carried in the vehicle.

  • Breakdown Safety Devices: One battery-operated red flashing beacon or one red reflective breakdown triangle device.

  • Radios - all vehicles must have a VHF radio. KoK will be utilizing Wxman - 151.625 as the emergency channel. You must advise KoK of your frequency and a cell number. Your frequency must be written on the LH side of the roof.

  • Survival Supplies: All vehicles must carry at least one day of survival supplies and one-quart of water per occupant or rider.

  • Pitting - all vehicles may only pit in the approved pit location. All fueling must be done on a fueling mat, vehicle must be grounded, not running and a person manning an approved fire extinguisher. No shorts allowed in the pits.


Changes / updates / revision - The KoK inspector will have the final say on all entries. KoK reserves the right to split or combined classes to accommodate similar classes of vehicles. KoK reserves the right to revise and update all rules.

Please review all the class rules in particular USFS approved spark arrestors, Seat belts, Window nets, Rear lights wired directly &  Numbers. A reminder this is a NO Chase Cars - meaning no chase or support vehicles on the course - only at the pits. A minders that ALL race vehicles must have a current OR ATV Permit - they are only $10 - makes the BLM happy.