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King of the Kastle & Rage in the Sage CLASS RULES

UTV Classes, Limited to 100 entries

  • Recreational/Dune, AKA First Time Racer 1000cc (any factory built UTV)

  • Sportsman 1000cc

  • Sportsman 1000cc Turbo

  • Sportsman Women 1000cc

  • Pro Production 1000cc

  • Pro Production 1000cc Turbo

  • Pro Unlimited 2000cc

  • Experimental / Electric / Hybrid

  • We have decided to move all the Pro-mod classes into the unlimited class to make a larger class.

  • It takes three cars to make a class, if there is not enough to make a class, KOTK will decide after all considerations are taken.  KOTK has the final decision.

  • Drivers can only race in one class. If you have already raced (started counts) the Rec/Dune class, you must move up to Sportsman or Pro. If you are known to have raced in the Pro classes (any organization) you may not race in the sportsman class.




Please review all the class rules: Non Turbo Cars require a USFS approved spark arrestors, Seat belts, Window nets, Rear lights wired directly &  Numbers. A reminder this is a NO Chase Cars - meaning no chase or support vehicles on the course - only at the pits. A reminder that ALL race vehicles must have a current OR ATV Permit - they are only $10 - makes the BLM happy. 

  • If anyone verbally or physically abuses the KOTK support staff, you and your team will be DQed and Not Welcome Back.

  • Drivers or Co-Driver Minimum age 16, Must have a current driver’s License 

  • Helmets: Helmets must be of the type approved by the Snell Memorial Foundation with a Snell sticker attached, and rated SA2010 or newer. SFI/FIA equivalent also eligible. No DOT Helmets (Not Safe).

  • Neck Restraints SFI 38.1 Certified devices are required.

  • Fire Suit: One-piece fire suits are mandatory. Fire suits must meet the requirements of SFI 3.2A/1 or better. Gloves, racing shoes, boots can be SFI rated or leather. No motorcycle riding gear allowed.

  • Fire Extinguisher: Portable 2.5-pound fire extinguisher readily accessible to the driver. ABC type or equivalent fire extinguisher. A second 2.5-pound fire extinguisher must be mounted at the rear of the vehicle. 

  • Safety Harness: All classes require a 5-point harness except 4-point allowed in Rec/Dune first timer class.

  • Safety Nets: Approved safety nets are mandatory on all vehicles.

  • ADA - KOTK welcomes all ADA drivers. As this us a remote desert event each ADA driver must have a non-ADA co-driver. ADA co-drivers are allowed in all classes.

  • Roll Cage: A well designed and built after market roll cage made for racing is required for all Pro classes. Cage must attach in a minimum of 6 points. Sportsman - Factory cages are not recommended. Factory cages will be allowed if modified or reinforced and tied into the frame at least 6 points. Gusseting of the factory cage is highly encouraged.

  • Front and Rear Bumpers: Required

  • Lights: All pro-class cars need Headlights!

  • Roofs: all Pro vehicles must have an approved metal roof. Sportsman may run an approved stock roof.

  • Doors: Lockable side protection doors must be mounted in a way to not be able to pop open during racing. Factory doors with a secondary locking mechanism are approved. Strong Bungee cord OK.

  • Ignition: Ignition switch and all electric fuel pumps must be labeled and easily accessible from inside and outside the vehicle. Keyed ignition OK

  • NO nitrous or other pressurization / injection type system allowed.

  • Fuel system: Fuel Filler can't be near the exhaust. Stock fuel system is allowed. Approved fuel cells of no more than 12 gallons are allowed. Fuel Cell grandfathered in the Pro Production ALLOWED BUT WILL BE PENALIZED ONE MINUTE PER LAP!  Pro-Unlimited Class Only Fuel Cell Capacity is unlimited.

  • Battery: all batteries must be securely mounted, and the positive terminal taped.

  • Mirrors: all vehicles are required to have at least 1 rear view mirror.

  • Skid Plates: any skid plate is allowed and highly recommended. All skid plates but be securely attached.

  • Wheels: each wheel on the vehicle including all spares must have the vehicle number on the wheel.

  • Tires: any tire allowed up to 35” in diameter. Single tire per corner.

  • Horns: all vehicles required to have an audible signaling device. A very loud portable air horn may be allowed.

  • Rear Warning Lights: a flashing green or blue light and a steady amber are required on all vehicles. No exceptions. If a light fails you will not be allowed to continue racing. Additional detail will be announced.

  • Spark Arrestors: all non-Turbo vehicles are required to have a USFS approved spark arrestor.

  • Number Plates: Vehicles must display correct vehicle number in the correct size and color.

  • OR OHV sticker: all vehicles are required to display a current OR OHV sticker.

  • First Aid: Weatherproof first aid kit must be carried in the vehicle.

  • Breakdown Safety Devices: One battery-operated red flashing beacon or one red reflective breakdown triangle device.

  • Radios: all vehicles must have a VHF radio. KOTK will be utilizing Wxman - 151.625 as the emergency channel. You must advise KoK of your frequency and a cell number. Your frequency must be written on the LH side of the roof.

  • Survival Supplies: All vehicles must carry at least one day of survival supplies and one quart of water per occupant or rider.

  • Pitting: all vehicles may only pit in the approved pit location. All fueling must be done on a fueling mat (tarp ok on private property), vehicle must be grounded before re-fueling (concrete stake with Jumper Cables OK) , not running and a person manning an approved fire extinguisher.  No shorts allowed in the pits. If you are caught speeding in the pits, you can be held by the Pit Exit flagger and will be DQ'ed if the severity of the speeding is witnessed and deemed UNSAFE! BEWARE Fueling in the Main Pits, the course is 50-Miles, there may be an outer NO FUEL hot-pit at 4-corners staging TBA

  • Fueling: Gravity feed fueling only, no pressurized systems Every Car MUST HAVE A Fireman at guard with fire extinguisher before fueling can begin. Cars MUST be turned OFF, parked on a mat (Tarp OK) and MUST be grounded before fueling.

  • Checkpoints: 25 MPH Zones into checkpoint a 10 MPH zone between the Orange Cones to be scored, 1 minute stop and go penalties for those that FAIL these rules. Finish/Lap scoring Loop entry speed "25 MPH" Zones into the Loop. After you finish, move around the course to the pits, please be careful, others may still be racing, don't hinder them. Don't abuse the course workers! They are keeping your score!


Changes / updates / revision - The KOTK inspector will have the final say on all entries. KOTK reserves the right to split or combined classes to accommodate similar classes of vehicles. KoK reserves the right to revise and update all rules.

Please review all the class rules: USFS approved spark arrestors on Non-Turbo cars, Seat belts, Window nets, Rear lights wired directly & Numbers. A reminder this is a NO Chase Cars - meaning no chase or support vehicles on the course - only at the pits. You can get support help from a fellow race car ONLY during the race!. A reminder that ALL race vehicles must have a current OR ATV Permit - they are only $10 - makes the BLM happy.


A RACER DOES NOT OWN A RACE VEHICLE NUMBER IN King of the Kastle (KOTK). If a participant has a request for a certain number in a certain class KoK will do its best to accommodate that request. If the race vehicle is sold, the number does not go with the race vehicle unless approved by KoK. Vehicle numbers, once assigned to you, must race at least one KoK event during the season to retain the number. Sorry, we are changing the class numbers again, to become constant with other sanctioning bodies.


Race Vehicle Numbers

Each class has its own four-digit numbers, the first two numbers are the class, and the second two digits will be the car start position Example the first car registered for the Pro-Unlimited class would be 3000, the second car would be 3002 etc... 


You retain your numbers from the Fall race and as long as you race one KOTK race a year, and you don’t change classes, you will retain your number, year after year. 

6" Numbers on sail-plates on the sides and rear plates and 4" Numbers on the front edge of the roof  


Start positions for the June 3th, 2023 race start positions will be given in order your registration timestamp. Entry Opens February 1st 10am 2023 and CLOSES MAY 15TH NO LATE ENTRIES ALLOWED

Remember if you move up to the Pro-classes, you can’t move back down in class, so be sure you are ready to move up in the pro classes. 

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