Recognizing that the health and safety of racers, pit crews, staff, and volunteers remain the highest priority, King of the Kastle LLC is taking the following steps to ensure racers are competing in a safe racing environment and that the event continues as planned:

  • Drivers Meetings and all large group gatherings are being restructured. Driver’s Meetings will now be held in the open Tech-inspection/ Staging area. Please wear a mask when you are not able to social distance from other teams. As a result, Driver’s Meeting Drivers and co-drivers ONLY .

  • King of the Kastle LLC requests that only Driver of Record/Co-Drivers/Riders come to registration. Please leave pit crew and other family members behind in the pits.

  • The after-race awards ceremony will not be held. Trophies will be presented at the line podium.

  • King of the Kastle LLC will be taking additional sanitation precautions by providing hand sanitizer or hand-wash stations in Port-a-Johns, at registration, and other public areas.

  • Registration will be closed to the public. Only drivers/co-drivers/riders should attend.

  • There are four separated large parking areas for the racers. One separated spectator parking a well as a separate watching area.

  • Teams need to be considered as immediate household in that they may have already have had direct contact with other team members. Everyone needs to social distance imperative and each teams needs to keep the social distancing of 6 ft between other teams.

  • There are cars entered with cars with navigators and the social distancing of  6ft is not possible, but they are on the same team and they have already had immediate non-social distancing contact. We hope this falls under the immediate household Rule under the Governors guidelines(AT1).    

“We take the Covid-19 matter very seriously and want to make sure our racers, pit crews, staff, and volunteers are protected as much as possible,” commented King of the Kastle LLC AA Joe Merrill. “We want to remind everyone who participates in our event the importance of following preventative measures such as washing hands, avoiding direct contact with fellow racers, covering your mouth when coughing, and keeping a safe distance as much as possible from other people,” added Merrill. “In particular, we ask that anyone who is not feeling well, has a temperature, or experiencing flu-like symptoms not attend the race.”

Because King of the Kastle LLC events are held outdoors with limited exposure to large groups in confined settings, the organization feels it is safe to continue with the event and is asking for permission from Deschutes County for the Mass gathering permit.

Based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback received from those entered in the event and who want to see the race run as planned, King of the Kastle LLC is working hard to ensure that all regulations are met concerning safety protocols surrounding the Covid-19 virus